Bug while creating a note

When I add some text to a note (not an independent note), there seems to be a bug. I cannot come back to the item info.
I can click on any item but the lateral pane keeps on the former note ; I can click and open a new window to edit the problematic note text, but the text does not appear in this new window.
The only way to come back to the info pane for any item is to close the Zotero tab and to open it again... All my text note is lost.
Zotero used with FF 44.0.2 (Linux)

Any idea about that ?
  • A new element :
    The problem happens when the Zotero tab is independent (new window) from other tabs in FF (so, 2 different FF windows : one for Zotero, the other one for all other tabs).
    In other cases (only one FF window with several tabs, including Zotero tab), everything works well as usual.
  • Sorry, I'm not totally understanding this. Can you provide a Report ID and precise steps to reproduce?
  • Thanks Dan.
    The Report ID is 68318659.

    Steps to reproduce :
    Open FF
    Open 2 or 3 tabs
    Open Zotero in a tab, then place it in a different window (separated from other FF tabs).
    On any document in Zotero, create a note, write or copy-paste some text.
    Then : I cannot access anymore the documents info or the labels pane. My note is not saved.
    The only way to recover a funcional Zotero is to close the Zotero window. And reopen Zotero in FF.
    Bug appears each time I put the Zotero tab in an indepedent window.
  • Works for me. Start by disabling your other Firefox extensions.
  • edited March 3, 2016
    Can confirm the behaviour ratoune describes above. Tearing off the Zotero tab into a new window, creating a note on any item and then selecting any other item in the mid-pane the right-hand panel stays stuck in note mode – instead of reflecting new cursor position on subsequently selected items in mid-pane. The rest of Zotero seems responsive i.e. movement in mid-pane ok, pdfs open as expected on item in focus, etc.

    OS X 10.11.3 / FF 44.02 / Zot FF Addons installed: Zutilo, Zotfile, ZoteroQuicklook, Zotero's LibreOffice Plugin, Readability, Clip to Devon, BetterPrivacy
  • Again, first step would be trying with other Firefox extensions disabled.
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