Notification about an item added


I would love to have a feature where you can email/notify your group of the item you have just added to the group collection in an opt-in form, for example the group manager adds a very interesting paper to the collection, and she can 'send' out a little message bringing the paper to others' attention. That would be absolutely great and I think at the moment this function doesn't exist? Correct me please if I am wrong!
  • Well, Zotero groups do have an Atom feed feature, so you can get notified about every new item. You could agree on a tag for important items and then only subscribe to the feed for that tag as a form of opt-in.

    You can use automation services like IFTTT to convert atom/rss feeds to e-mails
  • Would this work for private groups (that require a login)?
  • Yes, I have this working for a private group as well (I believe the API key is in the RSS feed for those)
  • Yes, if you're using a standard feed reader to consume it, the API key would need to be passed in via the url.
    In that case you should make sure the API key has only the fewest permissions necessary for what you want.
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