PubMed citation difficulties

Misc problems today that were not here yesterday. All the PubMed citations I tried to attach to Zotero today show up as web pages in the right pane, not as journal articles, and are not formatting correctly. When you click to change from web page to Journal Article, you have to click twice to get it to change, and then it still is not showing all the correct lines (Journal name, volume, issue, etc.) What happened between yesterday and today to change how Zotero imports from PubMed? I did not change any settings at this end. Also, creating a new collection takes several minutes to show up in the left pane instead of instantaneously. Thanks for checking.
  • Pubmed is working fine for me. How did you grab these items? Did you click the article icon in the location bar? Or did you use "Create New Item from Current Page" or drag the fav icon into your collection, or something else?

    To get the article metadata you need to click the article icon on the right side of the location bar.
  • I don't have an article icon, I only have a dialog box that defaults to capturing data as a web page, and changing it to capture it as a journal article does not seem to have any effect.
  • Can you post some URLs that don't show article icons?
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