Moved Zotero database folder - error after opening Zotero Standalone (#2125351130)

I moved the Zotero database folder from its former location within my Firefox profile to a new location. Before I did this, I changed the relevant setting within Zotero Standalone. It reminded me to move the folder before reopening Zotero. That is what I did. When I re-opened Zotero, I was told Zotero had experienced an error and there were no folders/references. I made a report and this is the report number: 2125351130

I closed and re-opened Zotero and it no longer mentions an error but there are still no folders/references. Please advise. Thanks! Sean.

(I also have my collection stored on other computers and on Box via webdav).
  • Would you mind telling us the custom locations specified in Zotero for Firefox and Zotero Standalone for the folder?
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    I could not open the Zotero Add-on for Firefox because it'd been disabled due not being able to be "verified". Thus I could not find the folder it is directed to. So I removed the Add-on and added it again and now it's downloading everything from the servers.

    The folder path for Zotero in Firefox is C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\msarmawk.default\zotero

    The folder path for Zotero Standalone is P:\Placement 4 - Auxiliary\Zotero

    Should Zotero be directed to a folder within this folder?
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    I've just returned to the Zotero Standalone window and it is now re-downloading everything from the servers.

    Edit: I'm not really sure whether it downloaded everything from the servers or whether it just needed time to read the collection after moving.

    Edit: It's created a 'zotero' folder within my 'Zotero' folder and is using that.
  • I suppose that'll work. It'd have been better to disable sync while moving around data directories, but too late for that now.

    Do you still have a question? Do you want to have separate data directories for the Firefox add-on and Standalone (why?)
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    I will uninstall the Firefox Add-on.

    I do have a question: is Zotero using the directory

    a) Zotero or
    b) Zotero\zotero

    I'm not sure which files I can delete.

    I didn't realise it would be able to sync. I thought all the settings were in the files I was moving. Maybe the warning dialogue should say this or even automatically disable sync when shutting down after the user has changed the directory?

    Thanks very much for your help, Adam!
  • If you open Zotero/zotero -- you see zotero.sqlite and so on? Then it's likely using that folder. But it shouldn't and something didn't go as intended: if you point it to P:\Placement 4 - Auxiliary\Zotero that's where the data folder should be, not in a sub-folder.
    If you check the prefs, what does it give as the location? Did that change?
  • (FWIW, Zotero 5.0 will warn before syncing to an empty library to avoid accidental syncs when moving the data directory.)
  • Everything is fine. The error must be one I made.

    When I open Zotero Standalone a file called zotero.sqlite-journal is created in /Zotero and /Zotero/zotero.sqlite is modified so I think the profile is exactly where it was expected to be.

    Thanks again.
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