add to Zotero from Browzine

I am using Browzine to add certain articles to Zotero web for future references. It seems these articles will automatically go to "unfiled items".

So what I wonder is whether (1) I can set up a default folder (say "Browzine" imports) myself for all imported articles or (2), even better, whether I can choose a different folder for each api applications connected to Zotero.

That would save a lot of time reorganizing all the files under one "unfilled items" folder.

  • I believe Browzine import works by using the Zotero bookmarklet, which can't currently import anywhere but the main body of the library (which then shows up in Unfiled Items). There are some plans in general to add the option to specify a default folder or to select a collection on import, but no timeline at this point.
  • I see. Thanks! Hope to see the selection feature online soon then.
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