my library is missing !!

I had trouble with Firefox today and got the message to refesh it.
So I did. Now my library is missing (empty. In zotero itself the library still exists (

How can I connect to my library again?
  • Would synchronizing help?
  • I did, but it didn't help

    After restrarting firefos: I did get a new sqlite file and a new storage dir (the renamed .old ones still exist).
  • could you describe exactly what you did?

    You could try to sync, btw., and that will work. Only concerns are that
    a) anything that hadn't yet been synced would be lost
    b) if your file attachments weren't synced, those wouldn't be there

    If those aren't concerns in your case, syncing would be fastest. Otherwise, see my question above.
  • I know where I went wrong: I restarte firefox after step 3.

    Can I start the whole procedure from step 2 again?
    where do I find the 'old firefox data' as mentioned in step 4?
  • It says so at the top: "Fortunately, Firefox saves your old profile to your desktop in a folder named “Old Firefox Data”, from which you can restore your Zotero library. "
  • yes, found it!

    Can I start the whole procedure from step 2 again i.e. Renaming the new sqlite and storage files?
  • It worked!

    thx for you help.
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