Improvement Requests for MODS XML Import

Thanks for the UnAPI support in the developer build--this will be useful. It is currently capturing less bibliographic info than the COinS translator was for refbase-0.9.0, though.

This brings up a few notes:

* Can extent work for the "page" type in addition to "pages"? The schema doesn't require either, but does suggest "pages" (which Zotero uses), but they give examples using "page" & other sources follow this convention.

* Can the identifiers be imported from the main MODS entity, in addition to from the relateditem "host" branch? The schema states identifiers can be in the root of a MODS record & it is unclear to me why a DOI should be associated with the host journal, rather than with the article.

* It'd be nice to import the "abstract" (and not just "notes")
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    The refbase svn version now uses zotero's conventions for DOI and pages.

    We will probably keep the changes to "pages," but I don't know if we'll keep the location of the DOI in the host or not. It doesn't seem to break anything yet, but it still seems weird to associate a single DOI with a journal (as if it were equivalent to the ISSN).

    I haven't changed our "abstract" into a "note" yet--that breaks other software which treats the "abstract" specially.
  • It'd also be nice to talk about the best way to make file links which Zotero would eventually be able to auto-download through the MODS translator.

    Perhaps something like:

    <url displayLabel="PDF"></url>;
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    Yes, you're probably right that the DOI belongs in the main MODS entity. The current version of the MODS translator should support the <abstract> field, and I'll add support for <extent unit="page"> in a future revision. Thank you for your comments.
  • Many thanks! Also note that the abstract import is fantastic!
  • (Belated) thanks for addressing DOI and page extents.

    I'd still be interested in a method of linking a PDF to a record such that Zotero could auto-download it.
  • Matthias updated the refbase MODS exporter to ouput:

    <url displayLabel="Electronic full text" access="raw object">http://some/url/to_a_file.pdf</url>;

    It'd be nice for zotero to auto-download the full text if it sees something like this.
  • I'd greatly appreciate any words from the Zotero devs on noksagt's previous two posts. Would it be possible for Zotero to recognize and auto-download any full texts that are linked within a MODS XML file (as shown above, or similar). Many thanks, --m
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