journal abbreviation w and w/o periods

How do I set in csl whether journal abbreviations should have periods or not?

I also want the possibility to have periods only after the abbreviated word for instance "Plant Biol." This is possible in refman where you in your database end the abbreviated words with a period.
  • Any news on this one?
  • I'd like to suppress periods in abbreviated journal titles. Intuitively, this CSL might work (but it doesn't)

    <text variable="container-title" prefix=" " form="short" include-period="false"/>
  • that would be a good solution. However, as I understand it include-period only works for terms (such as et al or ed) and not for variables
  • I can see that it would be very tricky for Zotero to work out which are abbreviated words and which are not in a journal title. It would seem that a better approach would be to (as far as possible) store abbreviated titles with periods and then optionally suppress periods in the style definition. For example, the PubMed translator stores the abbreviated title from the <ISOAbbreviation></ISOAbbreviation> XML field, which contains all the periods in the correct places - I should be able to suppress these periods in my ciation list.
  • yes that's what I want but the questions is how to suppress the periods
  • Any news on if it will be possible to suppress periods in abbreviated journal titles?
  • Hi, I also have the same question/trouble
    I’m a new user of Zetero (only a couple of months). I’d like to modify a little Vancouver style to match instructions to authors of a specific journal as Diabetes and Vascular Disease Research. In particular, all authors are cited (instead of et al. if more than 6 or 7 authors) and journals are abbreviated without period and in italic. Following the “step by step” instruction to change CSL, I’ve successfully changed to all authors and journal abbreviation in italic. However, I can’t suppress the period in the abbreviation of the journal title. I’ve tried to use [include-period= »false »] in different parts of the style without success. I see that this question is opened since 2009 without solving. Any other suggestion? Thank in advance.
  • This will only work if you are using Zotero 2.1, which supports CSL 1.0. This was not possible in the previous version of CSL.

    If you still have trouble, post the style to a site like and post a link here, so we can see what's going on.
  • I'm currently using Zotero 2.0.9. Anyways, I've posted my style on Here is the link.
    I hope I've done well
  • I've just looked for Zotero's upgrade, but it returned "no upgrade available". For info: Firefox 3.6.15; Mac OS X 10.6.6
  • thank you - I'll upload the style asap.
    Zotero won't automatically update to 2.1, because it's not yet released as a final version - if you want to use it, you need to install it manually from
  • I prefer waiting for the final release. Meanwhile thank you in advance for looking to the style
  • I see that we can now strip the periods in the new release of Zotero, but the short forms of journal names from PubMed do not have periods in my database (ie, no periods to strip). Any easy way to fix this?
  • no. I don't know if the translator can be modified to add periods to abbreviations, but for existing items you'll have to do that manually.
  • As has been discussed, adding periods is not easy. We could try to do so in the translator, but I'd rather not.
  • It looks like the translator was setup to use the <ISOAbbreviation></ISOAbbreviation> tags which, after looking at several papers on PubMed, may or may not have the periods included. If not, I guess we are out of luck. For what it's worth, very few of the journals I commonly cite have periods in the <ISOAbbreviation> tags -- it appears that most do not.
  • hdabire
    your style is now converted to csl 1.0 and in the online repository for 1.0 styles as Sage Vancouver - I also created 4 dependent styles that follow this. Contrary to what you wrote, I re-included the et-als after 7 authors as pers Sage's instructions. I also added strip-period="true" for journal articles.
    The style's URL is
    thanks for contributing.
  • I have the same question for the Environmental Health Perspectives style. Can you suggest how to suppress the periods after journal abbreviations?
  • We'll fix this in the style, stay tuned.
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