User IDs etc.

I'm trying to sync my Zotero library with an online database builder called Heurist. To do so I need to enter my library's "Title,UserID,GroupID,Key, separated by | eg. Artem's library,1958388,268611,YjUxZzcgq1fhCd9YyxgzzVNX | Ian's library,1836383,274864,DuFHBTyVYVhuIhttUotyqBSjb", as suggested on the help page. Any ideas on where I might find these details?

Thanks x
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    Title I'm unclear what they mean and they shouldn't need it. Might just be what you'd like to call it. Your user id is 2946229 (you can tell by hovering over your name here in the forum). You can tell the group ID by clicking on the group on -- it's the last part of the URL (the only part that's a number). You'll have to create a key in
  • Hi,
    Did you manage to do the sync? I am trying to do the same and I am also having difficulties... I assume that we have to write a "name" but I am not sure what to type as name... Thanks
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