group library item URLs

I'd like to use the item URI stored in Word/LibreOffice to get to an item's library page like

From the item URI I get

That auto-redirects to

So far so good, but those pages are a lot less useful (no collections on the side, attachments and notes hidden, etc.). Now I figured I'd just replace /items/ with /items/itemKey/ and this would work. Unfortunately does _not_ work and does not redirect.

Two questions:
1. Would it be possible to redirect URLs in the form groups/<groupNumber>/items/itemKey/<itemID> to groups/<groupName>/items/itemKey/<itemID> the way that already happens for the /items/<itemID> ones?

2. If not, is there another way I can construct a URL that does get me to the library view from the item URI embedded in the word processor without an API call?
  • I'm going to bump this in the hope that fcheslack sees it...
  • Probably wise, though I did actually see it the first time. I just hadn't had time to look at what was actually happening, which looks like a bug in some of the redirect patterns.

    So yes, we can definitely make this better. That less useful page itself is mostly left over from when loading collections server side was causing serious problems.
  • Cool, thanks, just wasn't sure how the weekend might interfere. Let me know as this changes, please.
    I'm presenting a mock-up of what I have in mind on Wednesday, but I can just hardcode the group name in the replace pattern for that purpose, as long as I can be reasonably sure that in the not-too-distant future this will work in a generalizable way (i.e. the redirect works).
  • Both of those should now go to the item details in the full library interface.

    Let me know if you see any unexpected behaviour.

    The first version was as intended, for both page load and search indexing purposes, but hopefully neither should be a concern anymore.

    The latter case was a bug. In trying to handle multiple conditions that triggered redirects it was losing some of the data in the url.
  • that's even better than I thought. Works nicely. Thanks for doing that so quickly, really appreciate it.
  • Dear all,

    I have a problem and think you will help me to overcome it.
    I made a group library and the URL of it was shared at my organization webpage. The idea of this library is as follows: readers go and see items in this library and then download full pdf-s to get to know the topic better, without registering the zotero.

    URL link works and group library looks good but when someone goes to download the full pdf the download button is inactive.

    Could you please advice me if there is a chance for zotero non-users to download pdf-s?

    Here is the link of group library URL

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
  • You can't use zotero to share pdfs with the public. Only group members in closed groups can access attachments
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