Handy hint! Google Scholar Plugin for firefox: a zotero option

Not sure if anyone else is enjoying the google scholar plugin for google, I have been finding it to be rather fabulous.
If you click on the quotation mark near the reference, it brings up the quote in various forms, with an option to then click to save to your fave reference collector (Zotero surely!).
I was a bit grumped to see no Zotero button but actually, if you click the EndNote tab, it will give you the option to save directly to Zotero! hooray!
  • You can save from Google Scholar as you would from any other database, using the Save to Zotero icon https://www.zotero.org/support/getting_stuff_into_your_library#web_translators
  • Yes indeed for the google scholar webpage, adamsmith, but not for the cute new google scholar plugin!... unless there is something I can't see.
  • ah I misunderstood. Yes, that makes sense. We wouldn't be able to do this via Zotero button.
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