Changing the citation key


I've got a citation that was collected via the nice DOI reference import tool. Thing is that the citation that was imported was actually missing the main author. I've fixed this but now the citation key is still referring to this paper by name of one of the contributors. But it seems I'm unable to edit the citation key. Is there a way without having to poke with an sqlite tool in the database?
  • you mean the bibtex citekey? The one that gets displayed in Zotero is actually not a Zotero feature but produced by the betterBibTeX add-on. You should contact its author via the add-ons github page. He's typically very responsive.
  • Well I mean the field "Citation Key". The bibtex citkey is as far as I know generated in the "Extra" field and can be regenerated without problem.
  • Never mind. Although still unsure if it is a betterBibTeX function or native field I was able to solve this by correcting the order of authors and contributors. Thanks for the quick answer.
  • (it's a better bibtex function. Zotero doesn't have a citekey field).
  • If we're talking about the bibtex key in the "extra" field, that's almost certainly betterbibtex. But as described by the OP it could easily just be the standard Zotero BibTeX export, as that will generate a cite key during export based on the first creator; re-ordering the creators to put the author first will change the cite key accordingly (in both the standard BibTeX export and in betterbibtex in its out-of-the-box setup).
  • They're explicitly talking about a field, and so I'm pretty sure they're referring to the field "Citation Key" at the top, which you generate either automatically or from the extra field (is that right?) with BBT.
  • That's right and as I said I was not aware that the order was the issue here. Changing the order via move up and down fixed it.
  • @adamsmith ah right missed that. Yeah, that display of the citation key is filled with whatever the citekey happens to be -- if it's in the extra field, then that, otherwise the dynamic key, but reordering creators wouldn't affect the key if it is in the extra field.
  • <smacks forehead/> that, and the sole author being filled out only later might only affect very recent versions of BBT. The default used to be [auth bla bla bla] and that generated keys subtly differently than Zotero does; the recent versions generate exactly the same key as Zotero does by default.
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