Search modifiers

I've gotten used to being able to search most apps (Gmail, Slack, Evernote etc.) with simple modifiers - once a Zotero collection gets above a certain size it's hard to manage without Advanced Search, and this is quite cumbersome.

What I would really like to see would be a simple set of modifiers that I could use in the Find box to quickly search by author, date etc.

e.g. if I want to find all publications before 2016 with first author Bentley containing the word Zotero:

author:bentley before:2016 zotero

or something similar. I wouldn't try to cover every field with such modifiers, but just the key ones, perhaps:

title, creator, tag, before (year), after (year) etc.

Perhaps also something related to attachments (has:pdf, or has:attach?)

Also, the ability to negate a search term with a minus would be really useful.

I think this kind of function is essential to use Zotero to explore a reference collection efficiently.

Thanks for a great product!

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