CSL locale trouble

I am new to Zotero, so first, my comliments to the authors for this intuitive software which has helped me from the first moment to keep things organized. I am from Germany. At work I use Linux (Kubuntu Edgy, environment: LANG="de_DE.UTF-8" LANGUAGE="de_DE:de:en_GB:en"), at home Windows XP-Home (family wants it), firefoxes are localized accordingly.
Last weekend I tried to generate formatted reference lists using styles of Zotero and the xbiblio site. Always the author lists got germanized, i.e. I got "und" instead of "and", "u.a" instead of "et-al". Am I missing something here or does Zotero disregard
xml:lang="en" which was specified for all citation styles tried?
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    The way applications should work is that the output language is determined independently of the style. So Zotero is doing the right thing. However, it should probably allow one to change the default language.

    There's a long history to the locale issue in CSL. Originally, I made the decision to make styles locale-specific. But I had some requests to make them generic, and so that's what we have now.

    The xml:lang value was much more critical in the first instance. Now it just really says the language of the style metadata and such.
  • I think I understand that from the technical point of view. Nevertheless, all journals to which I migth submit a paper for publication (field of neuroscience) require English. Under Linux it is easy to overcome, I start firefox with: export LANG="en_US.UTF-8" && firefox , then it works. For Windows I would have to do an edit-replace in OOo.
    Thank you for the quick answer.
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