Wiley Excessive CPU usage Zotero 4.0.28 FF

I am using firefox (FF) addon of Zotero 4.0.28. on FF 44.0 and ubuntu 12.04
I noticed an excessive CPU usage of FF (100% on 'top' command line soft) when saving a reference (with the associated pdf article) from Wiley Online Library.
Moreover, the high CPU usage keeps on eternally after the entry has been added. I tested it on 2 different references and obtained the same high CPU usage. The corresponding debug reports are D2056317587 and D84589116.

The only way I found to recover a normal CPU usage of FF after saving the reference was to reload or close the Wiley Online Library page from where the reference was taken.

The problem does not appear on other websites (Elsevier, Taylor & Francis,...).

Would it be a bug? Any solution/suggestion to avoid this behaviour?
By the way and anyway, many thanks the to the developers for that wonderful software.
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