Style Request: Acta Scientiae Veterinariae

1. The following two citations:

Filgueira K.D. 2010. Tumor venéreo transmissível canino com localização primária e única em cavidade oral. Acta Scientiae Veterinarie. 38(1): 91-94.

Costa R.C. 2008. Neoplasias do Sistema nervoso. In: Oncologia em cães e gatos. São Paulo: Roca, pp. 411-436.

2. ISSN:
1679-9216 (Electronic)
1678-0345 (Print)
1678-0345 (Linking)

3. Instructions
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    Dear @biwatanabe
    I'm happy to have a look for you.
    Could you give me the two example citations pointed out here at 3?
  • Hello,
    I'm using the style @damnation put on the repository (thanks by the way ;-) ), but since it was created some instructions have changed. Can I modify the style or do I need to make a new one (I have no idea how to hehe)? Can someone help me?


    Reference research papers should be numbered in alphabetical order, as follows: Number - Surname (the first letter in capitals) followed by initials in capital letters followed by a dot (names of authors should be separated by commas, except the last author’s name, which should be preceded by an ampersand) - Year of publication - Title of the paper - Full name of the journal of publication (in italic type, with no abbreviation) - volume (issue): pages-pages.

    Some examples:

    Reischak D., Costa U.M., Moojen V. & Ravazzolo A.P. 1999.
    Ovine synovial membrane cell line permissive to in vitro
    caprine lentivirus replication [abstract A-097]. In: Virológica
    99 (Curitiba, Brazil). Virus Reviews & Research. 4(1): 81-82

    Ferreiro L., Spanamberg A., Azevedo M.I., Zanette R.A. &
    Pereira S.A. 2020. Diagnóstico Micológico. In: Larsson C.E.
    & Lucas R. (Eds). Tratado de Medicina Externa - Dermatologia
    Veterinária. 2.ed. São Caetano do Sul: Interbook Editorial Ltda.,
    pp.19-72 [mencion the ed/eds]

    The old instructions/style put the first author as Last_name, INITIAL dot INITIAL and the others authors begining with the initials and then coma Last_name, like this one I generated:

    Bonnon, M., L.O. e Souza & V.V. Ortunho. 2015. Fixação com pino intramedular em fratura do fêmur em Tamanduá Bandeira, Myrmecophaga Tridactyla1- Linnaeus, 1758. Relato de caso. Revista Brasileira de Higiene e Sanidade Animal. 9(3): 535-542–542

    Another change needed is that the style doesn't put the books editors. I have:

    Miranda, F. 2014. Cingulata (Tatus) e Pilosa (Preguiças e Tamanduás), In: Tratado de Animais Selvagens. 2nd ed. São Paulo: ROCA, pp.709–722.

    But should have:

    Miranda, F. 2014. Cingulata (Tatus) e Pilosa (Preguiças e Tamanduás), In: Cubas, Z.S.; Silva, J.C.R.; Catão-Dias, J.L. (Ed). Tratado de Animais Selvagens. 2nd ed. São Paulo: ROCA, pp.709–722.
  • Can you lay out the specific changes that need to be made to the style and it can be updated?
  • First of all thanks for the answer :D

    Specifically I would need to change:

    - The list of authors should be like this (no coma between last and first name):

    Bonnon M., Souza L.O. & Ortunho V.V.

    instead of

    Bonnon, M., L.O. e Souza & V.V. Ortunho

    - And I need to list the books editors like this:

    Author. Date. Chapter title. In: Editors names (Eds.). Book title (in italic)

    In the original post I put some examples with what i have and what they ask as well as the instructions for authors provided by the journal

    Thanks a lot
  • So, with some work, some tries, some other csl files and the help of a friend I was able to get the output I wanted

    I would like to update the style for the next ones that need it, but I'm not sure it works perfectly. If someone more experienced wants to take a look at the code and say if it's ok it would be perfect

    I changed the name variables in author and editor's macro:

    added a substitute text macro container-author in editor's macro and in a locale section defined the pararameters for (eds.):

    the complete code is here:

    and the base file is this:

  • I actually submitted a PR yesterday for a style fix.

    Usually nobody tries to learn CSL and fix it themselves.
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    Oh really? Oops ..

    I didn't know about this style fix request, that's nice to know, i'm bookmarquing right now, so thank you for asking it for me.

    However I took a look in the references generated as examples and it's still not what I need. The editors (eds) appeared, but the authors first names initials should all be after the last name. I tried to find the csl file updated to test it in word to be sure but I had trouble finding it..

    I think it's still worth looking into what I did for future users, at least in my document the output is perfect. But I'm not confident to do it myself, as i'm not sure that what I did is a good and clean code. The author's parameters anyway should be fine (first part of this code):
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    I fixed a lot in that style, so the author sorting I just overlooked.

    Right click, save as, install:
  • Thank you very much!!
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