"Series" field doesn't seem to get imported

The "Series" field doesn't get imported on two of the databases I use, my local University library (University of Aberdeen, presumably some kind of an OPAC), and the Religious Studies database ATLA through EBSCOhost. In both cases it is listed on the record's web page itself, and also marked as 'Series"
  • A little more information on the problem:
    The University OPAC is an Aleph 500, not using COinS. EBSCO also doesn't use COinS, so I assume both are scraped.

    It seems that even when COinS are provided, Zotero does not import the "Series" field for books. The new V3 beta Copac (Collective index to 30+ UK/Ireland libraries) embeds COinS, including the "rft.series" field, but that field doesn't get translated into zotero.

    This does immediately raise a second problem, which is that for numbered monograph series, both Copac and my own university catalogue (Aberdeen Scotland running Aleph) include both the series Name and Number in their "Series" field. Zotero seems to expect them to be in separate fields. (and rightly so, I expect, to be able to manipulate them later).

    Can the Zotero COinS translator be made to "make a best attempt" by (1) importing the 'rft.series' field and (2) extracting any trailing numbers and punctuation from the series field and placing just the number string in Zotero's "series number" field?

    Can the Aleph translator be made to do the same? (ATLA through EBSCO?)
    Thanks for all this fine work.
  • Thanks for bringing the series problem to our attention. We will be adjusting the COinS, MARC, and RIS translators in the next 24 hours to address this issue (Aleph relies on MARC).
  • Wild thanks.
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