Group Libraries - Trash, Deleting Items etc.

I've been rummaging through the Docs and Forums, but couldn't find an authoritative answer to my questions about using Group Libraries. Apologies if I missed the info, and if so sorry for this lengthy and unnecessary posting ;-( These statement are what I think is the case, but could you let me know if they are correct and complete?

(1) Each Group Library is entirely separate from the others, and also from the user's main library? The items in a Group Library keep their own copy of any attachments (e.g. fulltext PDF's), notes, and metadata. Each Group Library has its own Trash folder.

(2) To delete an item from a Group Library you chose it and right-click (on Windows) "Move Item to Trash...". That moves it into the Trash folder of *that group library (only)*. When you sync, the move into Trash will be reflected on the Zotero website (details depend on setting of "sync group libraries to" or such).

(3) Emptying Trash in the user's main library won't empty Trash from any of their Group Libraries - you have to empty each of those individually (if you wish to).

(4) There is no way to delete items from a Group via the Zotero website - the only way is to move to Trash from the group library in the client, and then sync.

Finally, I noticed a lot of feature requests asking for a way to create a website/online exhibit/whatever from the bibliography of a document/paper. As far as I can see, there's no automatic way to do that. It seems to me that the best choice might be to create a Group Library manually, and then make it accessible through or alternatively to use MIT Simile's "exhibit" system to make a page from an exported BibTeX? (Didn't there used to be some tools to connect Zotero bibliography to Omeka exhibits also? e.g.
  • 1-3 are right. 4 I don't know. The last issue, could you rephrase that?
  • Sorry, English is my first language, but one wouldn't always know that :-)

    I want to make the bibliography from a paper accessible, preferably with "click-through" links via URL or DOI to the official online sources. I read quite a number of "feature requests" looking for some facility of that sort in Zotero, and it seemed to me that the best choice was to make a Group Library, populate it with the relevant references and give readers a link to it on Would that be a good choice?

    Alternatively I've seen mention in the Forum (and maybe in the documentation) of a way to export the bibtex from a Zotero collection (or presumably a Group Library), and embed that in a webpage that uses widgets from Simile/Exhibit. Does that still work, and do you know of any successful examples?

    As another alternative, I've seen a plugin for Omeka that says it can import the references from a collection of Zotero items. Do you know if that still works, and if anyone has had success with it?

    Probably this should be in a new thread ... thanks for any info.
  • I guess I'm getting two separate things here: Including live links (i.e. urls wrapped in an a href tag and dois the same with a resolver like before them) in bibliographies would be pretty easy using post-processing using a regular expression or so.

    But if you want people to have full access to the metadata, importable and all, yes, a link to the Zotero library might be best. I've seen people put the bib to their entire monograph onto a public Zotero group and thought that was great.

    Yet another option would be to create the bibliography from Zotero as HTML. That includes COinS, i.e. metadata that Zotero and other reference managers can read, so you could include that and would have machine-readable and human-readable data at once.

    I hope I got that right -- otherwise, do you have an example of what you're looking for that someone else did?
  • No, I think you've covered all I can think of for now.
    I'll go with the Zotero public group library for now, and see if I want to work up anything more complicated later.
    Much appreciated.
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