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Hi guys

I'm a big fan of Zotero :) I started using Edge recently and I wanted to know if you plan to develop a Zotero extension for it? It's a great browser.

  • Right now extensions for Edge simply don't exist: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/extensions-in-microsoft-edge

    Once implemented, it probably depends. If Edge does what Opera ended up doing and basically accepts Chrome extensons, then the answer is likely yes. If they put out their own extension framework, the answer is likely no.

    In the meantime (and in the latter case) you can already use https://www.zotero.org/downloadbookmarklet with Edge.
  • Thanks -- I didn't realise the bookmarklet worked already.

    And I hope MS implements the solution you suggest...
  • I just want you to know that for 2 months now Edge supports Chrome extensions. Look for "edge extensions toolkit". I tried to convert your chrome extension but didn't completely success to make it work...
    Everything looks great but can't connect...
  • I was trying to use the bookmarklet mentioned previously in this thread, and I'm stumped...it will not drag into my Edge browser bookmarks. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some trick I'm unaware of? Any help is appreciated!
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    no, from when I last checked, Edge has made bookmarklets impossible (i.e. they were previously possible to use but are no longer). I have no idea what they're thinking. I find it hard to take it seriously as a browser.
  • Edge does support extensions now, but the chrome connector needs to be updated before it can work. I have no idea why they removed bookmarklet functionality, but, generally, I find the browser to be much faster and the interface more satisfying than alternatives. It would by far be my preferred choice if the Zotero connector worked with it.
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    +1 voting up for Zotero support in MS Edge. Chrome is so eating up memory and slow right now (on Windows 10)...
  • We have a github issue to track this with more information regarding progress. We generally want to support it, but the current developer toolkit is difficult to work with. However, there are other more pressing issues with the connectors, as they are becoming the primary way to use Zotero in web browsers due to Firefox old-style extension deprecation. We would appreciate any community help in porting.
  • At work I have to use edge, so I would love to see this.

  • please i need zotero extension for edge
  • @Coronz see the comment by @adomasven above and follow the link in that post. It isn't possible for Zotero to develop a functioning extension until Microsoft allows or builds-in the structure to enable what you want.
  • (But Edge users will be able to use the updated bookmarklet that we'll be releasing soon, which should allow direct saving to the local Zotero without going through the online library.)
  • You can work-around the Edge bookmark issue and it actually works quite well.

    1. Drag the Edge bookmark into Chrome or Firefox first

    2. Import the bookmark from Chrome or Firefox into Edge by going into Edge>Settings>Import from another browser

    3. Open Edge's Favorites Hub and drag the bookmark into the Favorite Bar folder

    4. Press ctrl+shift+B to unhide the bookmark bar.

    An Edge extension would be great, Chrome eats up way too much memory
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    It seems the bookmarklet stopped working in Edge. Every time now it kicks me to the login page in the frame and it does not accept my login info. I can log in fine at the main site. This may have to do with institutional policies restricting the use of "third party" cookies. Is there any way around that for the bookmarklet?
  • If third party cookies are blocked you won't be able to make the bookmarklet work. You could try installing the Edge Insider version which supports chrome extensions, otherwise you are out of luck
  • I recommend installing the Edge Insider version. It’s very stable and well-functioning at this point, and the Zotero Connector works great.
  • Sadly, our institutional policies don't allow installation of any software I want. :(
  • Then I recommend using Firefox or Chrome if possible until the new version of Edge is released. With the current version of Edge ending, it’s not likely that any issues preventing its working with the bookmarklet will be fixed by Microsoft or fixable by Zotero.
  • New version of Edge is released and the Zotero extension works fine.
  • I guess it would not be so hard to port the current version from Chrome to Edge(chromium). Could you please port it to Microsoft Edge(chromium).
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