Can't find people

I've been getting my students to use Zotero, but when I search for their names, they don't turn up. I can go to them directly, of course, but is there a reason they're not showing up in a search? Cache or periodic updates?

  • (I've had problems with the people search for a long time. I think I can't even find myself...)
  • I have this issue as well. Did any of you figure out how to find people (including yourself)? Is there a "make searchable" setting for users that I missed?
  • Same issue here. I can not locate people that have signed up and can not find a group. I tried creating a group and it says name is not available but then I search for a group with that name and it does not show up.
    Anyone out there that can assist please?
  • Same problem! Any help?
  • About to use zotero with a class, so would love for this to be working. :-)
  • I can't find my professor on here, even though I know her username. Can anyone help?
  • I'm having the same issue. When I search both the username of my research assistant, as well as our shared group folder, I receive the result "No results." The privacy settings are such that the shared group folder should be visible, and I'm not aware of any profile security feature that would make anyone's username un-searchable.

    Zotero support documentation states that the forum is the best place to answer this kind of issue, and I realize the developers receive and read a large number of posts, but it seems like this issue has gone unaddressed for some time. Perhaps it affects only a handful of users? I've read through the support pages and can't find a solution.
  • FWIW, if you know the username, the URL for the profile is simply[username] so you're here:

    I know that groups are hidden for a while after creation to reduce the incentive to use them for spam -- their URL aren't as easily recreated, but easy enough to just send, of course. Public groups are also listed on user profiles.

  • @adamsmith Thank you for your quick reply. Following your advice, I was able to locate my research assistant and invite them to our shared folder. Thanks!
  • FWIW, if you know the username, the URL for the profile is simply[username] so you're here:
    Well, not quite. You need to put the username into all lowercase letters. For example, my username is "John_muccigrosso" (note the upper-case J), but will get you a "page not found", while works fine.

    I'm not sure why it's set up this way, but it bit me a couple of times before I caught onto it.
  • @John_muccigrosso That's an important clarification, thanks for pointing that out.
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