Can't find people

I've been getting my students to use Zotero, but when I search for their names, they don't turn up. I can go to them directly, of course, but is there a reason they're not showing up in a search? Cache or periodic updates?

  • (I've had problems with the people search for a long time. I think I can't even find myself...)
  • I have this issue as well. Did any of you figure out how to find people (including yourself)? Is there a "make searchable" setting for users that I missed?
  • Same issue here. I can not locate people that have signed up and can not find a group. I tried creating a group and it says name is not available but then I search for a group with that name and it does not show up.
    Anyone out there that can assist please?
  • Same problem! Any help?
  • About to use zotero with a class, so would love for this to be working. :-)
  • I can't find my professor on here, even though I know her username. Can anyone help?
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