Modify Tags of multiple items

Is there a way to add/delete/modify the tags of multiple items at the same time?

E.g. Search for items with tag "christmas", select them all and change that tag to "easter".
  • Deleting/Renaming a tag for _all_ items is possible, yes: just right-click it in the tag selector on the left and select rename or delete respectively.

    Batch-add by dragging to an existing tag on the left.
  • Hi! I am trying to reactivate this old question. Has there been a development concerning the renaming/deleting process for selected tags. I am trying to delete tags for individual groups of entries without deleting the tag altogether ( I want to delete some tags from entries that are given to me by the page I downloaded them from, some of them make no sense for my library)
  • The only way to do that from the Zotero app is to use colored tags. Right click on the tag in the left pane, choose assign color, and pick a color. Then, select the items to de-tag and type the number on your keyboard corresponding to the position of the colored tag.
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