Author-date style with full info?

I'm trying to use pandoc and csl for a syllabus in which I'd like a full in-line citation the first time I refer to a work, then just author after that.

1. I can modify a csl so that the full bibliographic info is in the citation, but is there one that does this natively? (I doubt it.)

2. Can I make it so that subsequent citations of the same work get different in-line formats? (I don't think so.)

Otherwise, other suggestions for achieving this?

I'm thinking it'd be nice to have the list of readings precede the list of assignments, but pandoc puts the bibliography at the end. I could manually modify that, of course.
  • You could try to just take the Chicago (full note, no ibid) style and change the class="note" to class="in-text" -- that might do just what you want.

    (or in terms of specific answers to your questions:
    1. no
    2. yes )
  • Ah, that worked pretty well!

    Here's what I get now for the first two citations:

    Anthony Snodgrass “What Is Classical Archaeology: Greek Archaeology,” in Classical Archaeology, ed. Susan E. Alcock and Robin Osborne, Second, Blackwell Studies in Global Archaeology (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), 13–29.

    Snodgrass, “What Is Classical Archaeology.”

    So how exactly is that working? The citation style is still "note" and not "author-date".
  • Anything that's between <info> and </info> has no impact at all on formatting -- it's just style metadata if you want.

    The style class toggles between in-text and note (which are the only two attributes. numeric styles are in-text, too).
  • PS You can suppress the bibliography in pandoc via this in the YAML:

    link-citations: true

    It's actually pandoc-citeproc that is doing the work here.

    You can also put the bibliography where you want by inserting a div with id of "refs".
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