Easy adding of parts from collections

When adding multiple pieces from a collection, it's very frustrating to always write the whole editor, book title, place, date, etc. stuff that all these entries have in common.

I know that there's an ongoing discussion about the complex issue of hierarchical entries, but I want to suggest a very simple yet effective approach: A book/collection should have a button "add item" (or something, I don't know the proper english term for a part of a collection). When pressing that button, the following should happen:

a) a new "book section" entry should be created, with the fields populated from the original "book" entry (moving the "title" field to the "book title" field),
b) a reference should point to the original book entry (thus having a nice overview over all parts of that book in the "related items" tab).

I think this should not be too hard to implement but would make life much easier in some situations.

  • sounds interesting:
    As a note - instead of adding all the lines you can duplicate and item and then just change title, author and pages.
  • Yes, sure, thanks for the hint. Duplicating the items does of course reduce the amount of things to type. Nevertheless, I think introducing a concept of a »collection« consisting of several »parts« would be a nice addition, even on such a basic level.
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