Plugin idea: Evernote integration (for OCR)

Though it's a universal basic law that there are more ideas than programmers, if there does happen to be anyone out there wanting to make a useful plugin and looking for ideas, how about this.

Evernote isn't Open Source, but it is pretty open for 3rd-party developers, with a well-documented API and very helpful and active forums. It also does OCR extremely well, managing to convert enough of my notebook scrawl from photos to make it possible to find handwritten notes via Evernote's search.

However, I'd rather keep some of my notebook pages in Zotero, particularly where they touch on research. As it stands of course the images aren't searchable from within Zotero.

So how about a plugin to create zotero notes from Evernote content? Such a thing is technically possible, as Note Wizard does something similar between Evernote and

There are probably other ways in which Evernote and Zotero could interoperate usefully.
  • Yeah, I would love to see these two services tied together. Like, sync Zotero into Evernote just like with WebDAV. That would be ideal.
  • I'd like to add my voice there. I am a big Evernote and Zotero user, and I use my Evernote to take citation notes. I would looooove to attach these notes to their Zotero citations in order to generate an annotated bibliography.
  • I agree I support the collaboration of these two tools!
  • Anyone know if this idea was ever picked up by someone? I would love this. Now I am currently juggling them both.
  • I'm pretty sure no one has worked on this, no.
  • Sounds a fantastic idea.
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