Plugin idea estimation

I need some piece of advice on plugin creation.

I'm planning to create a plugin to change the text selection context menu into Zotero. Basically, the context menu that turns up when you select some piece of text and push the right mouse button. It is the context menu which normally contains select all, cut, copy and paste.

What I want to to is to add a custom option on that context menu to interact with the firefox plugin "Context Search X". That plugins allow searches directly from the context menu rather than going the longer and tedious path of copying the text and pasting it onto the search bar. I have found it extremely useful to save time as you can customise your preferred search engine list.

In Zotero, I envision the following use case scenario. I read a paper's abstract and found some words/terms good to get to know more about. The plugin then lets me to do the search directly from Zotero's interface (still within firefox)

Would somebody more experienced on plugin development for Zotero know how difficult this task would be? I have not developed plugins for firefox myself but am very familiar with programming languages and stuff alike (have been a programmer myself years ago).
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