Custom Item Types

Zotero has a number of pre-defined items types, e.g. journal article, report, thesis etc. There isn't a type for e.g. user manual. Is there a mechanism to create a new type, perhaps derived from an existing one?
  • no there isn't -- might happen in the long run, but it's complicated because it involves all parts of Zotero -- syncing, citation styles -- so certainly not within, say, a year or so.
  • (It's a goal for this year, actually — but it can't happen until after Zotero 5.0, which we're still working on, and which may be in beta for a while. So I'd say certainly not within the next 6 months, but possibly in the latter part of the year if we're lucky.)
  • It would really be awesome to allow the users to create a custom item type. Items come to mind:

  • FWIW, Video recording and Podcast already exist and Standard will likely happen with the next major version. Custom item types may still happen, but they have lots of challenges even when they do (e.g. they can't be addressed in standard citation styles so people would need to code their own)
  • I really need "Project" item :
    - Project name
    - Project code
    - Director
    - Abstract
    - Institutions
    - Participants
    - Funding
    - Starting time
    - Ending time
    - ...

    Now I am using a "Statute" as a project.

    Other useful item would be "Standard" (like ISO, ASME, ASTM, DIM, etc)
  • I don't see "project" happening. That doesn't really seem like a bibliographic item type to me. Standard likely will as per the above.
  • I`d like to add the item type "exhibition" to the wish list. Anyway time to say Thank you for having created Zotero. It`s such a great tool! I couldn`t work without it any more ...
  • yes, I am also interested in having "exhibition catalog": this is really missing from the drop down menu. cheers
  • Assessment would be a good category, allied health professionals will need to cite them fairly regularly.
  • Any news about "a mechanism to create a new type, perhaps derived from an existing one"? Would be nice in order to correspond with the BibLaTeX's item types.
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