'Share' button

I would like to see a 'share' button in Zotero, letting the user to share items with someone else. A typical use case of this is sharing papers with a supervisor by email. Currently, I have to click 'Show file' for the PDF file I want to share, copy and paste its full path ("C:\Users\...") onto the email client to attach them on a message. If I want to share 4 files to the same message, I'll have to repeat this procedure 4 times.

It would be great if zotero could, in this case, automatically invoke the current email client app and automatically added PDF attachments as email attachments, plus a template message containing the item references in a format (say, IEEE).
  • unfortunately, there isn't really a protocol for doing this cross-platform, so I don't think what you envision will happen.

    I think the best bet would be to aim for something like gmail integration, which could also be done as an add-on. Even that's non-trivial, though.
  • (For what it's worth, though, I'm not sure why you would need to copy and paste the full path. Why not just Show File and drag the file into your mail client?)
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