"Create New Item from Parent Page" use structured data

It would be nice (but not critical) if "Create New Item from Parent Page" would make use of structured bibliographic data if available.

I noticed that the "Create New Item from Parent Page" button creates an item while ignoring structured data even though it is signalled by an icon in the address bar. When I click on the address bar icon, it does exactly the same thing only without the data. But it's only a minor inconvenience.

I couldn't find this discussed anywhere and presumably this would be an easy fix unless I'm missing some use case conflict.
  • In cases where Zotero detects structured data on a page where archiving the individual page makes sense Zotero's translators generally do both. For example if you grab an item from nytimes.com you get the data and the archived page.

    It would be problematic to have "Create New Item From Current Page" pull in structured data as well though. For example, if you use the "Create New Item From Current Page" button on a page in your library catalog, you would pull in data about the book your looking associated with the archived webpage, similarly what would happen if you used "Create New Item From Current Page" on a search results page?
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