Firefox stalls

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Hi Zotero,
I have a problem with firefox constantly stalling/freezing/not responding whenever zotero is open. Using Standalone is not so bad. But the Firefox extension really seems to slow Firefox a lot. Tried disabling "auto-sync", but Firefox still "not responding" every 15 seconds or so.
Note-- this also happened for hours at a time when building full-text cache. I have about 1500 items in library.
  • Yes, this appears to be due to full-text indexing, which happens automatically when the computer is idle. If you let it go for a while, it should finish on its own. (It should also stop if you start using the computer, though if it's in the middle of a large document it could be frozen briefly — that lack of responsiveness should be improved in the next major version.)
  • Thank you, Dan Stillman.
    Superb to have support from you and adamsmith.
    This recent convert from Mendeley is looking forward to the next version!
  • Thanks, Dan Stillman!
    Sorry for misdirected postings. The entire Firefox browser was not being very cooperative, even with Zotero running. I tried resetting the preferences and bringing back the Zotero add-one. Seems a little more spritely now.
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