zotero error when starting

"Error has occurred. Please restart Firefox" when running zotero at startup.
  • is that happening once or always?
  • Also, given your post here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/55893/zotero-for-firefox-is-freezing/#Item_2
    it sounds like Zotero does run? Could you check database integrity from the advanced tab of the preferences.
  • Thanks
    The startup error happens about half the time. Usually by the 3rd try Zotero will load.
    Db integrity seemed OK.
  • That's definitely not normal. If you can capture a Debug ID for it using the "Enable after restart", we may be able to tell you what's going on.
  • Dear Zotero,
    The Firefox add-on hangs massively on startup, sometimes all night when indexing full-text, and renders the browser as well as the plugin un-usable.
    I enabled the debug on startup:
    Debug ID is
    Hope not too many people are having this trouble, or if so, perhaps a solution is available.
    Thanks for your great help!
  • This is your relevant thread: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/56029/

    It's the same issue. Once Zotero finishes indexing your full-text content, this will stop. If you have follow-up questions, post to that thread.
  • Thanks, Dan Stillman!
    Sorry for misdirected postings. The entire Firefox browser was not being very cooperative, even with Zotero running. I tried resetting the preferences and bringing back the Zotero add-one. Seems a little more spritely now.
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