Add item by identifier on the web page

For when I'm working from an iPhone or my iPad, would it be possible to have the same magic-wand functionality on the web page?

Or is there already an equivalent to this (like the bookmarklet)?

  • Just to be clear, are you asking if there is an _online_ Zotero form field into which a DOI or ISBN can be entered and the full metadata be obtained in a single step? This doesn't exist now but I cannot speak to any possible plans. Plan info must come from the developers.

    I capture metadata when I'm using my tablet by: 1) entering the DOI string into the field at, 2) going to the item on the publisher's website; and 3) using the bookmarklet. The magic wand will obtain some of the metadata but almost never the abstract. The bookmarklet will usually capture the metadata and also the abstract. The only time I encounter this is when I copy a doi from a PDF document. Most other times the DOI is in the form of a link to where the bookmarklet may be successfully used.
  • yes, I was going to suggest the same as DWL as the best available workaround.
    I'm not aware of any plans to add add by identifier via the webpage, though I agree it'd be nice & I don't think it'd be terribly hard.
  • Yes, that was why I meant. Thanks for the workaround. It's mainly on my iPad where zipping from app to app is less convenient.
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