Add snapshot in Standalone

When using the bookmarklet on my iPad, snapshots often (always?) don't get saved, so I get a snapshot listed in the item, but it isn't really there.

What I'd like to be able to do is click a button or right-click an item and have a snapshot added at that point.

Or is there a way to do this that I'm missing?
  • So where are those snapshots going that the Bookmarklet says it's creating?
  • It should be saved to the server. If it's not there, there's not actually a snapshot.
  • But if you don't use the server for your attachments?
  • yeah, no attachments from the bookmarklet then, sorry.
  • I thought as much, though the bookmarklet does report making one.

    This is why I'm asking for the ability to create a snapshot for an existing entry in Standalone.
  • Well, it looks like those snapshots the bookmarklet makes do get saved to my Zotero storage, even though I use local storage. Two questions:

    1. Is there an easy way to tell which files have snapshots on the server?

    2. Is there an easy way to get those files into my local repository? (I can now just download them manually and "locate" them.)
  • I don't think so, but not 100% sure for both of those. It may be possible to figure out something with download as needed as the file sync setting, but the problem with that is it'll still upload everything & presumably fill up your free storage.

    It'd be quite tricky to make the bookmarklet work with 3rd party services (I don't really see how you'd go about authentication to, say, your WebDAV service), so I'm not sure I'm seeing an easy solution here that doesn't involve a full-scale app (e.g. Papership could perhaps be made to do this).
  • If there were a way to easily tell when the server had a file attachment, I could work with that.
  • Coming back to this and specifically the idea of adding the ability in the standalone to create a snapshot for an existing entry. Something like a "Create snapshot" menu command or contextual-menu item.
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