Zotero Addon for firefox being disabled

The new update of firefox is disabling Addons that do not have signatures. Zotero, apparently, does not have a signature and is being disabled. A work around is to turn off the need for signatures in about:config. However, the better solution would be for Zotero to create a signed version of the addon for firefox
  • All Zotero extensions are signed. Reinstall from zotero.org. Updates Not Detected may be relevant to you.
  • I see nothing about updates in my Preferences windows. I am using the latest version of Zotero and I have reinstalled.
  • The linked page explains why you might not see updates, but as I say, you can reinstall from zotero.org.

    If Firefox is disabling Zotero, it's highly unlikely you have the latest version.
  • If you can't get it to work, what version do you see listed in the Add-ons pane, if you click for more info?
  • This worked for me, thanks!

    Next to the disabled notification there was a link to check for updates. I clicked that, an update to Zotero was found, and I was able to let Firefox install the update for me. After restart, I have Zotero back.
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