Can't get bib info with ACM DL subject descriptor

If you browse down the classification structure present on the ACM digital library to a subject descriptor, the final results page does not provide the icon for grabbing the bibliographic information.

The equivalent is to enter this in the search box:
+CCS:"H.5.2" +CCS:"Voice I/O"

But, for completeness' sake, here's what I actually did:
1. Go to, Select 'Go to the Guide'
2. Under 'Browse the Guide', select Computing Classification System
3. Select H. Information Systems
5. Select H.5.2 User Interfaces (D.2.2, H.1.2, I.3.6)
6. Select Voice I/O
7. No icon in the address for grabbing items, even though the results looks exactly the same as a regular keyword search results page (which does allow you to grab).

I tried a few other subject descriptors and saw the same problem.

This is with 1.0.0b3.r1.
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