Adding reference changes paragraph spacing in Openoffice

Working in OpenOffice version 4.1.2, using Zotero standalone version (on Windows 7), I experience the following problem:

In my text document (OpenOffice Writer), I have chosen a paragraph spacing to make it more clear when a new paragraph starts. However, when I add a Zotero reference, the paragraph spacing disappears. I can change paragraph spacing back to what it was, but I have to do that every time I have added a reference.

This problem involves only the paragraph to which I added the reference. Using undo (Ctrl-z), I can see that the paragraph spacing disappears after the reference is added to the text, just before the bibliography is updated.

  • I think the only way to easily address this is to adjust Ooo's default style to whatever you want it to be (i.e. in this case double space). Zotero citations are inserted as default and I think Ooo then applies that style to the whole paragraph.
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