Problem with ProQuest Digital Dissertations

My team is encountering frequent errors with the translator for ProQuest Digital Dissertations on the search results page. My research assistant will select the items he wants to download from the Zotero menu, and the translator will fail. This occurs regardless of the number selected (1, 2, 10, etc.).

Here are some error codes for failed translations:

Any thoughts?
  • @Dan, does anything stand out in those error reports?
  • but this is only occasional failures, not certain ones?
  • Yes. Only occasional. When the error occurs on a page, it seems to occur consistently (e.g., on the third page of results for a particular search), even after page reloads. But I don't see a pattern for when they fail.
  • Proquest uses some anti-bot technology, I'd suspect that. Have you tried manually clicking through to the item in question in those cases? I'd have guessed you'd get a captcha or something along those lines.
  • The single item pages always seemed to load when I was with the RA (no captcha), but I'm guessing the anti-bot is what is up. Thanks!
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