A new note editor for simpler note taking


I'm using the latest version of Zotero Firefox extension. I've started to rely more and more on the notes function in Zotero, that you can add to whatever item you have in the library. However, the note editor is in need of an update. It is a relic from the good ol' days of WYSIWTG editors.

My suggestions for new features would be:

* Being able to zoom in on the text. The text is extremely small on high resolution displays.
* New options for formatting the text. Throw away the pre-made formatting styles (Heading 1, 2, paragraph etc.) and replace with options for font size.
* Remove the current right-click menu with that of the browser in used.
* Remove the HTML editor. Does not seem to do any good.

With these four simple features the note editor would be much more useful.

I'm sorry if these features already exists. If this is the case, then the features are very hard to find.
  • You can change the note font size in the preferences.
  • edited December 10, 2015
    Thanks a lot for your swift answer! Didn't think of the preferences as the place to change font size
  • I think it'd be great to update Tiny MCE, which Zotero uses, to a newer version, but that would actually not address any of the issues you're requesting. FWIW, I like the HTML-oriented design (and, more importantly, what that entails for the standardization of data entry), so I very much would not want to get rid of the formatting styles (which are just html's h1 / h2 / p etc.) and most certainly not the HTML editor.
    The right-click button I don't think we'll be able to make work, though that, I agree, would be nice.
  • Is there a way to deactivate the HTML editor? I am using Markdown syntax and would prefer to not stumble in HTML.
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