Change highlight color in item list?

When I do an advanced search and double-click on the item I want, the item list it returns me to has that item highlighted in blue. The trouble is, the blue is so light that I can't really see it in the list and have to hunt through manually.

Is there a way of changing the highlight colour?

(I know about saved searches btw. I'm referring here to ad hoc ones)
  • If I understand correctly and am testing the same operation, for me it returns highlighted in a very visible grey (the item highlights in bright blue when clicked). Could this be a feature of your monitor adjustments?
  • You're right -- it is grey before being clicked, but it was so light I was misinterpreting the colour.

    I've had a look on 3 different machines, and find that although it varies with monitor/set-up quality, I still have to hunt for the item. I'd prefer a more distinct highlight.
  • Maybe it's my machine that needs an adjustment. :)
  • Or my eyes?

    Either way, I'd be interested to know if there's somewhere I can change the colour.
  • Crispin,

    I've done some scratching around in the sources, and it looks to me as if it's just applying the default for selected-but-disabled list items. I checked the hidden preferences for a means of tweaking this, but didn't see anything. Someone with more and better knowledge may be abble to help.
  • fbennett: thanks for looking
    arggem: I don't think so (I think that post was referring to the main list returned after a quick search).

    Not a major thing, anyway.
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