Mac Standalone very slow to drag PDFs from Finder

A colleague is having a consistent problem with Zotero Standalone on Mac OS X Yosemite. Whenever she drags a PDF (or multiple PDFs) from Finder to Zotero, Zotero slows down and has the spinning beach ball icon for about 1-3 minutes. Other Zotero operations (using the Translator button, Word citations, editing metadata, dragging to collections) do not have the same problem.

Zotero is up to date and a database integrity check showed no errors.

Report IDs for a dragging operation with a slowdown:
The Debug ID is D714654018
Error report ID: 1642275330

Is there any way to fix these issues?
  • Could you narrow that down to just a single operation that's slow? That covers importing multiple PDFs as well as an auto-sync (after a 15-second delay), so it's hard to see exactly where the slowness is.
  • Here are report IDs for a single slow PDF drag.

    The Debug ID is D655892818

    Report ID: 1629898551
  • Is anything apparent from the reports?
  • @Dan, does anything look out of place in the second set of reports?

    Appreciate your help.
  • (5)(+0000000): INSERT OR IGNORE INTO fulltextWords (word) SELECT word FROM indexing.fulltextWords

    (5)(+0010300): DELETE FROM fulltextItemWords WHERE itemID = ?

    (5)(+0000000): Binding parameter 1 of type int: 7323

    (5)(+0000067): INSERT OR IGNORE INTO fulltextItemWords (wordID, itemID) SELECT wordID, ? FROM fulltextWords JOIN indexing.fulltextWords USING(word)

    (5)(+0000001): Binding parameter 1 of type int: 7323

    (5)(+0036027): REPLACE INTO fulltextItems (itemID, version) VALUES (?,?)
    That's certainly slow. What are the index stats from the Search pane of her Zotero preferences?
  • Max characters: 500000
    Max pages: 100

    Indexed: 2072
    Partial: 36
    Unindexed: 887
    Words: 220817
  • Anything look off with that?
  • No, not really. One thing she could try is running her database through the DB Repair Tool, to see if that speeds things up. DB integrity aside, that tool will rebuild the database, which might help. That shouldn't normally be necessary, but in this case I'm not sure what else to suggest, since those times are way too slow. Is this on a particularly old Mac? Does this still happen after restarts, without other things running?
  • Thanks.

    It's a three year old MacBook Pro. Continues after restarts, with other programs closed, and after updating the OS. I'll try running it through the repair tool.

    Appreciate your help.
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