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I have a fairly complex folder structure (many reading topics, etc). I often know that a folder exists but I don't know quite where -- so I have to search visually through the entire structure to find it. It would be extremely helpful if one could search for a folder name, either in Advanced Search or in the quick search bar.
  • This has been suggested before, so I've created a ticket. I'm not sure if it will be implemented, however.

    One thing worth noting is that the collections list already supports find-as-you-type. You can (optionally) hit + to expand all collections and then just start typing a collection name to focus it. Is there really a need for a more advanced search?
  • Thanks. Find-as-you-type is helpful as long as you know the first part of the folder name and there aren't too many others like it, but it's pretty clumsy if you use folders a lot, as I do to organize my thoughts. In Windows I often search (indexed search) for filenames containing x within foldernames containing y.
  • I've come up with a workaround for now -- I put a note with the folder name in each folder, then search for the note and use the control-key method to find the folder.
  • sorry, i could not figure out your remarks.

    Dan, how do you find-as-you-type on collections? i only figured out how to do it on the items.

    Heckscher, after you find the note, how do you use the control-key method to find the folder, which control-key?

    Thanks in advance
  • Dan, how do you find-as-you-type on collections? i only figured out how to do it on the items.
    Just click on the library or a collection in the left pane and then start typing the name of a collection. There's nothing Zotero-specific about this—it will work on any "tree" in Firefox (for example, in the Organize Bookmarks window).
    after you find the note, how do you use the control-key method to find the folder, which control-key?
  • Thanks, Dan. These two methods resolve my struggle with finding folders. I appreciate your help.
  • I second (or third this) request to have folder names show up as search results. I guess it would require a change in handling that list since normally folders are never visible in the results/articles list, but it seems entirely necessary to have some ability to search folders as our collections are only getting more and more complex.
  • Please add one more check-mark to the list of people requesting that folder names are returned in a general search.

    Thanks for the GREAT program!
  • Another check-mark for a search for filder names.

    "Find as you type" doesn't return subcollections. Creating extra notes in all folders is a workaroud but doesn't fit into the otherwise sophisticated functionality of zotero.

    Thanks for your work and support!
  • "Find as you type" doesn't return subcollections
    yes it does - see Dan's instructions on expanding the collection tree by pressing + above.
  • I seem to have inadvertently repeated this discussion here:

    To summarize, the problem is that the the search-by-typing used for folder searches is too limited, first because you can't search for substrings in folder names (you have to start at the beginning of the name) and second because in the case of finding collections-containing-an-item, you can't find highlighted items at all by typing -- you just have to scroll away, which can be quite long for "tall" trees.

    So, since searching is something you really want Z to do, rather than having to do it by hand, I too would see a folder search as an important feature request.
  • I agree. Please give us a way to search for Collection and not just to pick it from a drop-down list. That's what Advanced Search can do at the moment. (Well, you can choose between "is" or "is not" but it is the "contains" that is missing.)
  • As statet in the (3 Years old) Ticket, this workaround (because thats what it is, it doesnt replace the ability to search for Collections) has flaws. (See

    I would welcome the ability to search through my extensive database including all subfolders.
  • It would greatly improve usability of Zotero if folders showed up in search results, I don't have a perfect memory and this would help me reduce redundancy in folders, etc. The workarounds described are clumsy.
  • Can we please solve this issue. Not able to search the folder names is so frustrating :(
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