Zotero not picking up new sites for multi-site proxy

I have to access journals through an ezproxy install. Proxied URLs take the form:


I have a multi-site proxy rule set in Zotero with the scheme as:


and "Enable proxy redirection" and "Automatically recognise proxied resources" ticked. Zotero Standalone is not running.

This used to work, on an old computer. I've recently set things up on a new laptop, so I can't be sure whether the change is down to the new install, newer versions of Firefox, Zotero, etc., or something else, but when I visit a site using the proxy, Zotero no longer spots this and no longer sends me there via the proxy in future.

If I add a single-site rule manually, then redirection via the proxy works correctly.

Help, please? :-)
Thanks in advance.
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