Editor label after year in the same parenthesis

I’m building a style (derived from APA) that requires that editor/translator labels be Included in the issued year parenthesis after a comma:

Hancke, Bob / Rhodes, Martin / Thatcher, Mark (2007, eds.).

I had no luck with adding a cs:names element like so:

<names variable="author">
<label form="short" prefix=", " text-case="title"/>
<names variable="editor"/>
<names variable="translator"/>

This would always print the author names and no labels at all.

I was more lucky with an if loop but that loop can not recognise if there are more than two editors so it always prints the singular form:

<if variable="author" match="none">
<if variable="editor">
<text term="editor" form="short"/>
<else-if variable="translator">
<text term="translator" form="short"/>
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