using a self-made translator

I'm struggling to make a translator for the dansih legal site

So far, I've managed to scrape metadata from the webpage and into an object that I have constructed with like this:

var newItem = new Zotero.Item("statute");
newItem.title = getTitle(doc, url);
newItem.shortTitle = infoArray[0];
newItem.dateEnacted = statuteInfo[1];
newItem.publicLawNumber = statuteInfo[0];

When I 'Run doWeb' in Scaffold I get this output:

10:24:37 Returned item:
"itemType": "statute"
"creators": []
"notes": []
"tags": []
"seeAlso": []
"attachments": []
- "title": "Bekendtgørelse af lov om forbud mod forskelsbehandling på arbejdsmarkedet m.v. 1)"
"shortTitle": "Forskelsbehandlingsloven"
"dateEnacted": "16/12/2008"
"publicLawNumber": "LBK nr 1349"
- "libraryCatalog": "Retsinformation"
+ "nameOfAct": "Bekendtgørelse af lov om forbud mod forskelsbehandling på arbejdsmarkedet m.v. 1)"
10:24:37 Translation successful

This all look fine to me, but the Zotero icon in the menu doesn't change, it's still set to web page, and I can't choose to save as a statute.
It's probably just some minor oversight on my part, but I'm pretty stumped.
  • My best guess would be that you're not setting a target (or not setting a correct one). In the "Metadata" tab, do you have a Target set. If you click on "Test Regex" do you get "True" when you're on a page you want to detect?

    If that's not it, post the entire translator (not just what you see in Scaffold -- get the whole file from the translator folder in your zotero data directory) to create a private gist, and link to it from here.
  • Thanks for the answer Adamsmith.

    Today it works. Maybe Zotero needed to be restarted in order to 'recognize' the new translator?

    Anyway, the translator can now succesfully scrape a single statute from the webpage, now I just need to make it differentiate between types, and be able to scrape multiple items. You'll probably hear from me again, when I get stumped next time.
  • Ah yes. Zotero loads a list of all targets on Firefox start, so you do need to restart to initialize a new translator. This is not the case of other changes you make. Those will take effect immediately after saving them in Scaffold and (importantly) reloading the page.
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