Editing Citations in OOo 3

I'm using SyncPreview 1.5-sync3.6 in Firefox 3.0.5 with OOo 3.0.0 and Plugin 2.0a2. I frequently have to write footnotes with more than one, separate citation in them. For instance, I may have in one footnote:

{Footnote number} Zotero citation. Free form written text (Zotero citation).

Yet, often, when I click in one citation and click Add/Edit citation, the Add/Edit dialogue box will open and edit a *different* citation (normally the one immediately before or after) than the one in which I placed the cursor.

Is there a good work around to avoid this behavior? Thus far, I have only been able to add a separate footnote, edit the citation there, and then cut and paste this other citation over the "misbehaving" citation, but this process is cumbersome, especially with multiple documents in a single Zotero citation.

Thanks so much for the help!
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