upload changes to styles?

How do I upload revisions to styles using TortoiseSVN?

I have made some changes to several styles that I have created but I don't know how to upload them? please explain well
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    Just recommit the changed file(s).
  • But how? I try to copy it just like I do when I first upload it but it says that it already exists
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    What are exactly the steps you take when you 'copy it'?

    A file that is in sync with the repository will show a checkmark in a green circle on the file icon. When you modify one of those files (for instance, the style you earlier created and committed), the icon overlay changes to an exclamation mark in a red circle, indicating that the file is different from that in the repository. Right-click this modified file, and select "SVN Commit...". In the commit-window, you can see the modifications between the repository and local version by double-clicking the file. When you've again written an upload description, press OK.

    Overall it's very similar to uploading a new file:
  • I open TortoiseSVN by right-clicking in a folder and choose Repo-browser and enter https://www.zotero.org/svn/csl/ and then I simply drag my csl-fle to the csl folder in the Repo-browser
  • Thank you that thread helped me to sort things out
  • And when you get the message that the file already exists, you can't just acknowledge that and continue the copying of the file?

    If that doesn't work, just try committing via the different route I outlined.
  • No I can't continue copying when I get that message. But things work now with the different route. Thanks again it made things a lot easier
  • Small note: you can also just commit a whole folder. TortoiseSVN will figure out which files have been changed and only upload those. That will reduce the number of commits you have to do (which you can see at https://www.zotero.org/trac/timeline).
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