Javascript link (a la delicious) for one-shot scraping from Opera/IE/...

I don't use Zotero for my main bibliography. Starting up Firefox just to get the bibtex out of those few sites which Scholar doesn't scrape. But, Zotero does scrape better than any other service I've tried, and it'd be very nice if we non-Firefoxers could have some sort of minimal access to this. What I'm suggesting is something like the following:

A "bookmarking link" service of the type and bibsonomy have (eg.
) so that clicking this link when on any Zotero-scrapable site will show us the citation(s) in a readable format.

This link could of course have an "?style=bibtex&" part, so that all you get back is the pure bibtex (and so on for other styles).
  • It would indeed be nice to generalize the scraping infrastructure (as well as to make it MUCH easier to write scrapers; why do I even need to write JS code at all??).
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