Worldcat(s) and imported notes

I've looked at a couple of past threads referencing Worldcat imports with unruly child notes:

I don't have that problem of zillions of notes, but would like to import citations without these auto-generated notes at all, which typically contain a mass of all the text on the webpage below the bib data.

Can anyone corroborate my experience that OCLC worldcat ( does NOT do this, while FirstSearch worldcat (i.e. institutional subscription) always does?

It's my habit to use FirstSearch, but started experimenting with OCLC following hints in the above threads. There are reasons I like FirstSearch, but those notes just drive me bananas so I would gladly switch if OCLC is known to be note-free.

I use Zotero standalone on a Mac. This occurs with Firefox and Safari connectors.

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