unwanted text

The Background: I don't use MS Word or OpenOffice, so must use the "Create Bibliography From Item" dialog. I use Chicago Style almost exclusively.

The Problem: After not using Zotero (Firefox) for a few weeks, I'm beginning to write only to find that it appends a new line and then the following text to every note (full or not, either way): "2. Ibid."

WTH? I didn't do anything to Zotero or make any changes I'm aware of, and have no idea how to fix this. BTW, my FF is fully up-to-date as I updated it last week.

I have spot-checked five or six of the other citation styles and it's not happening with any of them (although the AMA style does also seem to have something wrong with it: I never use it, but when I experimented with it just now, it produced only the note number and nothing else, not even a period--e.g. "1").

Thx for y'all's help.
  • it's a known current bug, fixed for the next version. You can either wait for the next release or install the current beta version

    (and probably revert back to the regular release when the next version comes out)
  • What's the timeline for the next version?
  • hard to say, probably reasonably soon (like within a month)-- but the beta versions are currently quite stable, so it's not like you're taking a big risk using that.
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