MS Word autosave hangs with Zotero doc prefs in place

I have been using word 2007 with Zotero standalone plugin for a number of years (absolutely love it!). A number of months ago, I began to notice that my Word documents were taking 10-12 second to autosave.

After trying various options, I copied all the text and references from an autosave hanging Zotero-reference rich document to a new document, (omitting the final return character, around which various document customization is written) and saved it. Word immediately stopped hanging up when autosaving.

But, I had not yet chosen Document Preferences from my Zotero menu. The moment I did that, the Word document began again to hang on autosave.

This does not render anything useless, so it is not a major bug but, but it is an annoying feature, especially when I am touch typing and look down to see that a bunch of characters did not make it into print, or I am in the middle of a complex thought and need to put my brain on pause to wait for Word to catch up.

I searched for this problem, but did not find anyone else who had it, so not sure if I am alone, or I am the only one who found the apparent cause.
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