No longer showing PDFs in browser opening it from ZOTERO

I use Zotero as Add-on in Firefox. My Zotero version is
My Firefox version is 41.0.2.

I store PDFs on my computer and link from my zotero items to them with "add attachment" (? My menus are all in German so I can only assume what the English menu term is, in German it is "Anhang hinzufügen".)

When I want to open the PDF I had formerly the option to show it in the Firefox browser or in Adobe itself (outside of the browser).

Often the latter is better but sometimes I want the PDF displayed in the browser itself (in general to compare what I have entered in my Zotero item with what the PDF itself shows and to make corrections if needed).

Before ca. July/August I did this by right-clicking on the attachment link of the Zotero item and clicking "Show PDF" / "PDF anzeigen" in the context menu. This always showed the PDF in the browser while clicking "Open in external viewer" / "In externem Viewer öffnen" opened the file in ADOBE outside of the browser.

Around July/August there was a change. Suddenly, clicking "Show PDF" / "PDF anzeigen" also results in the PDF shown in ADOBE outside of the browser. There is no way anymore to show the PDF in the browser. This makes correcting my ZOTERO items awkward.

I did not change anything. I believe the changed behaviour is due to a Firefox upgrade or a Zotero upgrade, I cannot tell which although I suspect it is Firefox because even if I click "Open file" / "Datei öffnen" in Firefox for a PDF it always opens outside of the brower.
I checked settings in ZOTERO and Firefox, both.

In Firefox settings in menu item "Applications" / "Anwendungen" one can choose for various PDF file types "Use Adobe Acrobot in Firefox" but for the most general PDF this option is not offered. Unfortunately, it is not explained in Firefox help why.
There is only a hint that some add-ons (they do not tell which) block the display of PDF inside Firefox.
In the Add-on manager and there in Extensions Zotero is listed as Add-on not verified by Firefox (!)

I hope somebody can tell me how I can either adjust my settings in Firefox or Zotero to get the former behaviour back.

Please excuse that I ask a question which is more Firefox than Zotero here. And please excuse the complicated explanations.

(I was very busy in the last months therefore I shouldered on with the inconvenience and only ask for help now).
  • What happens currently if you open a linked pdf from a webpage in your browser? You can also check the (local) values how "PDF" is opened in Firefox at Extra -> Einstellungen -> Anwendungen i.e. about:preferences#applications.
  • When I open a linked pdf from a webpage in the browser it opens inside the browser.

    In Extra --> Einstellungen --> Anwendungen there are 4 entries for PDF files:
    Adobe Acrobat Document
    Adobe Acrobat Forms document (application/vdn.abobe.xfdf)
    Adobe Acrobat Forms document (application/vdn.abobe.fdf)
    Adobe Acrobat XML formular

    For the 2nd to 4th entry the values is set to "Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox) verwenden" (I think that's why it works for pdf opened from a web page).

    For the 1st entry the value is set to "Adobe Reader verwenden". And very important: I cannot not change this. When I open the selection list it does not offer "Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox) verwenden" and also not Firefox.

    I'm puzzled.
  • Generally, see File Handling Issues.

    In the default configuration, "Preview in Firefox" should be an option for "Portable Document Format (PDF)".
  • Thank you for trying to help.
    However, I was confused by the description in File Handling Issues, as I have Windows and not Linux.

    I googled around on the issue and learnt that apparently Adobe Reader and Firefox settings hinder each other without really getting a clear picture.

    But I found now another solution:
    I installed and activated the Add-on "Always Preview" in Firefox and now it works.
  • (the first item there -- Unexpected Behavior... -- applies to all OS.)
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